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  1. SV Proven Expert


    • PHP 5.6 or higher
    • Joomla 3.7.x or higher
    • CuRL PHP extension is a service for company reviews. A key feature (“PLUS” plan required) is showing the company review stars on your website. These will be retrieved from different review-providers like Google, Facebook etc.


    So this module is build to show review stars retrieved via on your site – additionally this enables review stars of your website’s entries in Google’s search engine result pages.


    • Developed and maintenanced by


    Please use our support forum on . We will add your wish – if achievable – on our to-do list. Please note that we can not give any time estimate for that list or any feature request.


    Nevertheless, feel free to hire us if you have any of the following needs:

    • get a customization
    • get a feature rapidly / on time
    • get a custom Joomla extensions developed to exactly fit your needs
  2. InlineContact

    The Joomla plug-in InlineContact inserts the details of a specific contact from the Joomla contact management at the appropriate location. In addition, several contacts can be output in the form of a list, which can be defined by different templates.

  3. Scorpion Site Verification

    Findability is a topic that is (or should be) on every web site administrators agenda. Implementing Sitemaps and Analytics are some examples of technical solutions that can contribute to this. Parties such as Google, Yahoo and a number of others have developed webmaster tools so that webmasters can easily find everything in a location.

    Often it is necessary to show that you are authorized to adjust the settings of this website. We do this by verifying the website. This can be done in different ways. One of them is to place a so-called meta tag on your website. This plugin makes it very easy. Simply enter the key and enable the plugin is sufficient.

  4. Scorpion Social Share

    Sociale media is here to stay. Billions (or maybe trillion) messages are posted daily on these websites. Often we want to share things with our "friends" on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
    This module makes it easy for the user to share the content of your website on the main social media websites. Just see it as free advertising.

  5. Scorpion Video Header

    It's not such a strange question. We want a video header on our website. Can you make that happen?

    Of course we can. We see it all the time while surfing the internet. But when we looked at the JED we couldn't find an extension that does just that. There are extensions that implement videos and even in headers, but they all come with a lot of extras functionality that we don't need or don't have the ability to add videos in several formats for the different browsers.
    This is why we created this module for our customer and we like to share it with you.

    If you use it, please send us a link so we can see what you have done with it.